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2019-06-09 happygolukkyAbout Us

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Hey Lukky adventurers, this is your story host and chief of making voices that all sound the same. I wanted to take a moment to mention the new Patreon program that we just launched!

Yeah, so what is Patreon? Well it’s a web platform where you can support all kinds of artistic projects like The Happy Go Lukky Podcast in exchange for access to premium content and other special offers only available to Happy Go Lukky supporters on the Patreon platform.

Basically, for your small donation to help support our program, we create and give you access to exclusive content, special opportunities and cool gear.

So we decided to start up a Patreon page to see if we could get some support as we continue to launch our first season … you know helping to cover some of the basic costs of producing and hosting and distributing stories like the ones we are creating, and hopefully improving some of the audio equipment … as our current setup is not ideal for multiple voices.

So if you like what you are listening to and would enjoy hearing more … Please consider finding and supporting us on patreon … Just Click here

Don’t worry at all if you just can’t help right now. We totally understand … but if you have 5 dollars that you could toss at the project … we would really appreciate your help and in exchange we’ll give you access to new exclusive content. We plan to take some of the individual characters on side quests as well as create a story mode that captures just the story we create in a purely narrated manner.

Also. We don’t spend money on advertising - our way for people to learn about the show is you … listeners that tell others about the show. And that is worth absolutely everything!

As an an introductory special we’re offering a unique laptop sticker to all new patrons that join before July 4th!

Again, thanks for being great listeners, now back to work on the next episode!

The HappyGoLukky Family.

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