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Ride Sally Ride

2019-08-05 happygolukkySeason 1

Episode 014: Ride Sally Ride

!!Part 1 / 2!!

Part 1 of 2

In this two part episode, Erik is left alone but suddenly surrounded by new Friends, the daring teen group known as the Locusts! As Mooch Kashner reveals more about the Resonance, Erik faces a critical decision … does he side with Mooch to learn more, or does he stay with his newest friends to fight against the darkness that has now overrun the small town of Centralia.

This episode features fantastic voice acting work by our very good podcasting friends, Ellen and Christian Weatherford from Just the Zoo of Us … be sure to check out their show!

Also we have a special introduction of characters named after some fantastic fans in Germany!! Thank you Adrian, Anna, Thomas, and Jannik! Hope you enjoy what we have done with your characters =)

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