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2019-10-29 happygolukkyLukkyGo Holiday Show

The LukkyGo Holiday Show - Celestial Star: Episode 1

Just in time for Halloween! This first episode of the wild and wacky LukkyGo Holiday Show Celestial Star storyline is one of our craziest actual play sessions to date!

This story features all new characters in a short holiday season campaign that is set in the wonderful Nature Realm of the World of Isen. If you would like to know more about Isen be sure to check out two fantastical and inspirational shows:

For Kids: The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon

For Adults: The Fate of Isen

Each of our Holiday Shows in the Celestial Star storyline will highlight your favorite holiday themes and characters, so don’t miss this spooky episode where our adventurers begin in a small town on the edge of the Blight … it’s Mouse Hollow.

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Again, thanks for being great listeners, now back to work on the next episode!

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