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2019-07-11 happygolukkyLukkyGo Variety Show

The LukkyGo Show - Edition 05

Hey Lukky adventurers, The LukkyGo Variety Show is a mid-week addition to the HappyGoLukky Podcast. In this show we discuss the show, storylines, plot points or anything new that is going on in the HappyGoLukky universe. These are intended to be much shorter episodes to tide you over for the release of the next story episode released near the beginning of each week.

A bit of a warning!! These shows go behind the scenes and so can reveal information that you might not want to hear if you love figuring things out on your own. We’ll try not to have too many spoilers, but you’ve been warned! On the other hand, if you aren’t used to mystery-based stories and are already a bit confused or disoriented, this is the right show to help you keep your footing while the story is building!

Our 5th edition of the LukkyGo Show is short and sweet this week. We introduce yet another podcasting friend, the excellent A Ninth World Journal and have a bit of a special contest for listeners who respond in the next couple of days!

And we give you a sneak peak into the very special Episode 011! Which features a whole contingent of the HappyGoLukky Family to star in the show and help us bring some additional depth to the Centralia storyline.

We hope you enjoy the show! Be sure to listen to our newest Podcasting friend at a Ninth World Journal

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Again, thank you for being great listeners, now back to work on the next episode!

The HappyGoLukky Family.