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A Challenge Awaits!

2019-08-08 happygolukkyLukkyGo Variety Show

The LukkyGo Variety Show - Edition 09

Podcast Challenge!

Hey Lukky adventurers, The LukkyGo Variety Show is a mid-week addition to the HappyGoLukky Podcast. In this show we discuss the show, storylines, plot points or anything new that is going on in the HappyGoLukky universe. These are intended to be much shorter episodes to tide you over for the release of the next story episode released near the beginning of each week.

This week’s episode covers two fun topics! The first is our review of the very wonderful Quest Company Junior Podcast and specifically it’s Pokemon based show, Postcards from Pearl and in doing so Mason helps Dad out by giving him an introduction to the world of Pokemon.

Then, we follow the Press Conference of up and coming Rap star Lil’Phant who will be starring in an upcoming episode on our main storyline. During the press conference, Lil’Phant throws out a challenge to both Quest Company Junior and The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon … establishing August 22 as the date for the release of each show’s 2 min Original Rap.

Fans … you will have the opportunity to vote for the winner of this epic musical battle!

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Again, thanks for being great listeners, now back to work on the next episode!

The HappyGoLukky Family.

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