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The Resonance Chapter 03

2019-09-05 happygolukkyLukkyGo Variety Show

The LukkyGo Variety Show - Edition 13

The Resonance Chapter 03

Audio Drama Episode!

For this week’s edition of the LukkyGo Variety Show we continue our remastering of the story elements that we use to open our normal story show. For those of you that have not been aware or may be behind, this will be a great episode to catch up on the story within the story!

This week we take the third grouping of mini stories and string them together so that you can start to gain a better perspective for the backdrop of our story so far and to help you catch up for the next piece coming up in the next main story.

We call this The Resonance, Chapter 03 and hope that you enjoy! Even if you have caught up with all of our episodes, we believe you will enjoy the new editing, music and sound effects.

This episode includes the incredible voice acting work of a number of our wonderful podcasting friends including:

Anonymous .. from the Innominate Podcast playing the role of Audrey Linden, the Pinkerton agent and grandmother of Katherine’s character Angela Linden.

Twitter: @innominatepod

You will also hear the wonderful voices of Ellen and Christian Weatherford the delightful and educational duo behind the very family friendly Just the Zoo of Us podcast … they are playing the parts of Jack and Mary Ann Kehoe .. the parents of Josh’s character, Joey Kehoe

Twitter: @JusttheZooOfUs

Finally you will hear the indomitable voice of Mike Atchley from Dice Tower Theatre playing the role of Frank Gowen … the big bad pulling the strings behind the scenes alongside Jessica Ann from the Last Monday Podcast who is playing a mysterious character that has yet to be revealed.

Twitter: @DiceTowrTheatre

Twitter: @LastMondayPod

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Again, thanks for being great listeners, now back to work on the next episode!

The HappyGoLukky Family.

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