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2019-09-19 happygolukkyLukkyGo Variety Show

The LukkyGo Variety Show - Edition 14

Audio Drama Episode!

This week’s LukkyGo Variety Show is one of our most … variety filled shows yet! This week we talk about some of our newest podcasting friends, KidCryptid and Elderberry Tales and give you a peak into their shows with brand new trailers the provided for us along with our good friends at Dice Tower Theatre, who’s trailer is almost like a mini episode!

Then, our great friends at The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon supplied us with a special - yet unreleased story segment that delves into their intricate world of Isen and the Nature Realm where our story will be heading during the holiday season.

We’re not done yet! as we release a preview of the next story segment from The Resonance, which hints at the future setting our characters will face in the next main story season in 2020.

Finally, we drop some early beats from the first single to be released by Lil’Phant … which means the rap battle that was promised weeks ago is soon to be upon us!

Feast your ears on all manner of audio goodness, ‘cause this is the 15th edition of the LukkyGo Variety Show.

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Again, thanks for being great listeners, now back to work on the next episode!

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