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The Backstory

2019-05-24 happygolukkyAbout Us

Season1: The Podcast Backstory

Welcome loyal listeners to HappyGoLukky, our father-son-family podcast. We’re part of a pretty big extended family, many of whom will likely pop in from time to time, but this podcast was started with dad and the last one in the house … both of us are natural story tellers and hope you enjoy the tale we spin up each week.

As the dad, I used to love listening to stories on the radio when I was a kid, and somewhere along the way they were over-ridden by talk shows, news, sports and the like. I was also an avid role-player back in the dice and paper days, spending endless hours drawing up characters and spinning stories with friends. I’ve always found something magical about just listening to a story and letting my mind create the visuals on my own.

As the son, well, I enjoy video games and I kinda see the similarities between a live-play story episode and real-time action games. The difference here is the unlimited ability to use my imagination. Plus, I get to spend some quality time helping dad relive his glory days. ha.

The problem we found is that a lot of live-play podcasts are fun, but aren’t very family friendly - ie. mature themes, vulgar language and the like. We’re pretty clean-cut to start with so it’s a natural to put together something fun, funny and clean.

Our story concept is fairly simple:

We find real world settings and weave our story world around those events. It’s actually pretty interesting to sort of remake history with a fantastical touch. So yes, Centralia is a real world place, a very troubling yet incredibly complex story. We borrow the times, names of people and locations from Centralia and fictionalize the events within a new universe we’re creating.

As the story teller in this first season, I (Dad) play the majority of characters … trying to hone my voices and hopefully remember which voices I used. Our youngest son plays the central character around whom the whole story revolves, and he is joined from time to time by older brother and sister and cousins.

What’s with all the dice rolling?

So yeah, you’ll hear some dice rolling. The reason we use dice is to help add some twists to the story and make it unpredictable. Each role when necessary is just two six-sided dice. A role between 2-6 is a failure, 7-9 is a mixed success and 10-12 is a complete success. Each character can take actions that are physical, mental or “other” which is a catch-all for anything unusual. And that’s pretty much it.

Risks, challenges and ideals

Since this is a live-play podcast, we can’t always ensure the very best story, though we definitely do our best. We’re also employed and or in school =) so while our goal is to maintain a story a week, we’ll probably miss a couple here and there. We’re definitely committed to not just launching this but creating something with real staying power that families of all ages can enjoy.

What we can promise is to keep the story clean and fun. Sure, there will be scary moments … and honestly the real story of Centralia, PA has terrorism, death, murder and disaster. These types of things will take place around the story, but we won’t be depicting anyone being killed. The characters do and will get injured and will end up in various fights or tricky situations, but our goal is to try to solve problems in non-violent ways.

How to Listen?

We continue to expand the number of platforms we’re on. To date, you can download or stream us on:










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