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Meet the Characters

Voiced by: Mason
Erik Wolfgang
The Walkers
Erik Wolfgang is the grandson of the enigmatic Carrie "Grandma" Wolfgang with an important destiny yet to be uncovered.
Voiced by: Hannah
Julie Artell
The Wardens
Julie Artell is a reporter from the hit teen science show 3-2-1 Contact!, and she is related to Joyce Artell, a mine inspector from the Centralia area.
Voiced by: Katherine
Angela Linden
The Rangers
Angela Linden is a young researcher with a distinguished but troubling past and a promising future and a unique set of abilities she has not yet discovered.
Voiced by: Josh
Joey Kehoe
The Guardians
Joey is a young man displaced from his own time. Part of the mysterious 43 and a direct descendant of a powerful martyr, Joey has much to learn about his past and future.
Voiced by: Daniel
Carrie "Grandma" Wolfgang
The Walkers
Carrie "Grandma" Wolfgang is a central character in the Centralia story arc. Her mysterious background is only surprised by her surprising abilities.