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Humors: A Creation Epic


Humors: A Creation Epic

Humors is a series of audio experiments that blend foley, sound effects and voicings with original music and poetry written in Iambic tetrameter.

This story details the creation mythos of the land of Eridul, which is the fantasy realm in which the dreams of Charlie and Cassie Cole are set. These minisodes are meant to be short explorations that often contain additional hints and clues of the what and why behind this unique fantasy world.

Cast List:

The Azilix is voiced by Mike Atchley from Dice Tower Theatre

The Lananna is voiced by Brian Dowling from Dice Tower Theatre

The Parci is voiced by Joleen Fresquez from Dice Tower Theatre

The Ningalix is voiced by Beth Yadon. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @ChaoticGoodHood