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The Resonance


The Resonance

Our memory of the past is shaped by what we are taught, what we read, what we experience on our own, and by the legacies that inform our future. Sometimes we discover that events didn’t happen the way we thought they did, and sometimes we sense that what we believe to be truth is not. Sometimes, the conspiracies are correct, and sometimes we discover that our own past is not as innocent as we once believed.

What if we could discover the truth, the real truth, behind mysterious events, occurrences, and discoveries?

What if we could observe these events for ourselves and take action to stop or change them. Would you be brave enough to do so?

What if there were no easy side to take? What if we discover that right and wrong were not as clear as black and white.

What would you do when confronted with a decision that could alter reality?

And what would you do if you discovered that you or your past were to blame.

Those are the choices that our small party faces as they adventure into The Resonance.

The Resonance is a series of minisodes that compliment our Centralia actual play episodes. These audio drama stories represent our first delving into the audio drama genre, while representing a fictionalized view of the real world events that underpin the Centralia storyline.

These episodes include the incredible voice acting work of a number of our wonderful podcasting friends including:

Ditrie Marie Bowie .. from the Sticks Shift Incorporated playing the role of Audrey Linden, the Pinkerton agent and grandmother of Katherine’s character Angela Linden.

You will also hear the wonderful voices of Ellen and Christian Weatherford the delightful and educational duo behind the very family friendly Just the Zoo of Us podcast … they are playing the parts of Jack and Mary Ann Kehoe .. the parents of Josh’s character, Joey Kehoe

Finally you will hear the indomitable voice of Mike Atchley from Dice Tower Theatre playing the role of Frank Gowen … the big bad pulling the strings behind the scenes alongside Jessica Ann from the Last Monday Podcast who is playing a mysterious character that has yet to be revealed. Jessica also takes the lead role in our Season three storyline as Cassie Cole.