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This is a father-family podcast of us weaving a story together that is clean and appropriate for all ages. While you’ll primarily hear two to five of us in each episode, we’re part of a pretty big extended family as well, many of whom may pop in from time to time. But in general, all you really need to know is that this podcast was started by dad and the last son in the house … both of us are natural story tellers and we hope you enjoy the result.

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Note from Dad

As the dad, I used to love listening to stories on the radio as a kid, and somewhere along the way they were over-ridden by talk shows and the like. I was also an avid role-player back in the dice and paper days, spending endless hours drawing up characters and spinning stories with friends.

Note from Son

As the son, well, I enjoy video games and I kinda see the similarities between a live-play story episode and real-time action games. The difference here is the unlimited ability to use my imagination. Plus, I get to spend some quality time helping dad relive his glory days. ha.

Why are we doing this?

Everyone loves a good story, and podcasts are great ways to pass the time during long commutes or when your eyes need a bit of a screen break. The problem we found is that a lot of live-play podcasts are fun, but aren’t very family friendly - ie. mature themes, vulgar language and the like. We’re pretty clean-cut to start with so it’s a natural to put together something fun, funny and clean.

Our story concept is fairly simple

We find real world settings and weave our story world around those events. It’s actually pretty interesting to sort of remake history with a fantastical touch. We use very limited and simplified gameplay mechanics. We explain those before the episode and online - it helps to keep the story interesting and unpredictable. We do have a very big world planned, so helping us get started is paving the way for books, live shows .. who knows!

So feel free to follow us on twitterfind us on facebook! We’ll be sharing in game content there! And yes, a couple episodes are already out! Have a listen!

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We’re also part of a new podcasting network!

As our show grows, we continue to look for people and partners to help connect our stories to a broader audience. Enter … the PodiconGo Podcasting Network! We originally connected creatively with the crew behind the Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon and as that relationship grew we met the broader network that is actively building a collection of family friendly podcasts of all kinds. We definitely encourage you to check the network out to discover more shows that might interest you!